There will be Ryzen 9000X3D gaming processors. The company said it will improve 3D V-Cache technology in the new generation

by alex

But it is not yet clear how

AMD recently introduced the Ryzen 9000 desktop processors. The line so far includes only four models, and one of them does not have 3D V-Cache memory. But there will definitely be such processors, since AMD itself has already confirmed this. 

The company's senior technical service manager said that AMD is now working on a new generation of Ryzen X3D.  

As for X3D, we have a lot to say. The best part is that we don't just rest on our laurels. We're improving what we can do with X3D, it's really exciting and I'm looking forward to it 

There are no details about launch parameters or timing yet, but the mention of improvements suggests that the Ryzen 9000X3D's V-Cache implementation will be somewhat different from what we've seen in the past two generations.& nbsp;

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Perhaps we are talking about more memory or improving its characteristics. However, even without that, the Ryzen 5000X3D and then the Ryzen 7000X3D proved that these are the best gaming processors in their segments, and the Ryzen 7 7800X3D is now the best, according to many tests. In addition, such CPUs are also significantly more energy efficient. 

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