The Yandex neural network has learned to find errors in program code

by alex

YandexGPT produces three hypotheses, and if they do not fit, you can ask to explain the error differently

The Yandex team announced the launch of a new proprietary neural network skill. YandexGPT now detects errors in the code and helps fix them. The function is available for users of «Yandex Workshop» and platforms «Unified State Exam in Computer Science with Yandex Textbook».

Нейросеть Яндекса научилась находить ошибки в программном коде

As the developers note, the update will make studying more comfortable for users of both services and will give them the opportunity to quickly learn new skills. This will also remove some of the routine tasks from teachers, help motivate pupils and students to continue their studies and free up time and resources for immersion in the profession and communication with mentors.

Thanks to the update, service users will be able to understand what error is causing the code to not run and how to fix it. The neural network indicates typos, calls to non-existent elements, errors in syntax, control and other code components. However, it does not provide ready-made solutions, but helps the user find the error and fix it.

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In «Yandex Workshop» the smart code editor is available in test mode in online course simulators in the following areas: front-end development, product design, full-stack development, Go development from scratch, test automation in Python and Java, etc. The neural network produces three hypotheses, and if they are not suitable, you can ask her to explain the error differently. For users of «Yandex Textbook» The function is available within the framework of the Unified State Exam in Computer Science with Yandex Textbook project. Button «Help fix the error» will appear automatically in the AI ​​assistant mode if the code is written incorrectly.

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