The US has few sanctions – now it wants to ban ASML from even simply servicing China's semiconductor manufacturing machines

by alex

This is a big problem

The United States continues to strengthen sanctions imposed on China. And if the ban on sales of GeForce RTX 4090D and H20 accelerators for China itself cannot be called a gigantic problem, then here is increased pressure on ASML — this is already serious. 

Reuters reports that the US government, against the background of the latest successes of the Chinese SMIC, will try to convince the Dutch government that it is necessary to ban ASML from servicing the semiconductor production machines already installed in China. This applies to relatively old DUV machines, which SMIC managed to adapt for the production of 7-nanometer chips and is even going to switch to 5-nm standards. 

ASML's lithography machines require regular maintenance by qualified technicians, and any limitations will make it difficult or even impossible for SMIC to produce advanced chips using the 7nm process, let alone 5nm.  

New tools for the production of ASML chips will double in price - up to $380 million. 10-20 units have already been booked

At the same time, let us remind you that Chinese companies themselves are starting to work towards creating their own machines to replace ASML. 

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