Intel Core Ultra processors have not yet shown their full power. BIOS update significantly improves Meteor Lake performance

by alex

Intel Core Ultra did not impress with its performance in the first reviews, but this can be attributed to the beta version of the BIOS: because of it, the processors did not receive sufficient power. This conclusion was reached by the UltrabookReview reviewer, who received the latest BIOS version and re-tested a laptop based on the Core Ultra 7 155H.

If in the test with the original BIOS version (number 201) the Core Ultra 7 155H could barely cope with the Ryzen 7 7840HS, then with the new BIOS version (number 203) the result is much better. The test results in Cinebench R23 with a cold start of the system are as follows:  

  • BIOS version 201: 12 357 points (best result), 11&342 points (long 10-minute test), 1751 points in single-threaded test (best result);
  • BIOS version 203: 13 873 points (best result), 12 132 points (long 10-minute test), 1761 points in single-threaded test (best result).
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It turns out that the new BIOS, due to improved processor power algorithms, provides approximately 12.5% ​​higher performance. I wonder if this is the limit, or if future BIOS versions will be able to make Meteor Lake even faster?

By the way, about nutrition. With the updated BIOS, the CPU starts in Cinebench R23 with a consumption of 50 W, but ends up at 35 W. In the case of a long 10-minute test, the start is with the same 50 W, but after 5-6 minutes the consumption drops to 28 W.

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