The ultimate Zeekr 009 minivan has become even cooler and more powerful: a four-seater Glorious Edition has been introduced

by alex

Price not yet announced

A special version of the luxurious minivan Zeekr 009 2024 model year called Glorious Edition has been presented, which features a four-seater layout, a large rear screen, increased power, speed and other characteristics.

Zeekr 009 Glorious Edition retains the sci-fi design of the current model and has a dark front panel. The vertical decorative stripes of the central grille were also made completely black, and chrome strips were added to the lower part of the front end and the sides of the body. Newly shaped wheels are installed, similar to Rolls-Royce wheels. In addition, the new car is equipped with lidar on the roof.

The overall dimensions are 5217 x 2024 x 1812 mm, respectively, and the wheelbase is 3205 mm. The new car comes standard with a rear audio-visual entertainment system and a rear bulkhead.

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The car is equipped with a dual-motor all-wheel drive system, the parameters of which are significantly improved compared to the current model. The maximum power of the front motor is 367 hp, and the maximum power of the rear motor is 421 hp. Total power 788 hp. Maximum speed increased from the current 190 km/h to 230 km/h.

Zeekr plans to sell 200,000 vehicles in 2024. Zeekr 009 sold less than 20,000 units in 2023.

Ультимативный минивэн Zeekr 009 стал ещё круче и мощнее: представлена четырёхместная версия Glorious Edition

Price not yet announced.

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