The sportiest Lada is back on the production line. Production of Lada Vesta Sportline has resumed

by alex

Ready cars found at the Lada Sport site

Previously, insiders noted the absence of ready-made Lada Vesta Sportline on the territory of Lada Sport — divisions of AvtoVAZ, engaged in small-scale production,  a now bodies for these cars and commercial vehicles have been noticed at the enterprise site. In other words, production of the Lada Vesta Sportline has resumed. And it is possible that the car is now being produced in a version with a CVT.

«Also [on the territory of Lada Sport] there are "naked" bodies for the production of Lada Niva Sport cars. Granta Sportline and Sport are produced consistently, in different colors», — insiders reported.

Recall that earlier AvtoVAZ has already demonstrated prototypes of the Niva Sport, but so far there are no final specifications of this car. However, the production version of Niva Sport is expected by the end of this year.

Sales of Lada Vesta in Russia soared 16 times. AvtoVAZ reported Lada sales in January 2024

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