The only modern smartphone to receive 10 points for repairability from iFixit. Fairphone 5 is very easy to disassemble

by alex

And it also promises eight years of Android updates

iFixit specialists disassembled the Fairphone 5 smartphone to assess its repairability. Like its predecessor, the new product has the maximum. 

Fairphone smartphones stand out for a number of features: very long support, modular design and the ability to buy and replace these same modules yourself and, as a consequence of the latter, excellent maintainability. According to iFixit, this is 10 points out of 10 possible. 

The smartphone has a removable back plastic cover, a battery that can be easily removed like smartphones of the past, many modular components, from the USB-C port to the camera unit, various pointers to simplify the assembly process, and so on.  

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