The information platform for the Russian space security system “Milky Way” will be launched this year

by alex

Foreign partners will be able to join it

Roscosmos Executive Director for Advanced Programs and Science Alexander Bloshenko, at a meeting in Moscow of the heads of the space agencies of the BRICS countries, spoke about the development of the Milky Way system. Previously, we wrote that the system for monitoring outer space and preventing dangerous situations «Milky Way» will be able to carry out up to 15 million measurements of near-Earth orbit per day in search of space debris.

According to Bloshenko, the «Milky Way» system It is initially being built as an open space, and Roscosmos is ready to offer its BRICS partners connection to it through an open information platform. Partners will be able to both receive services and offer their products, Bloshenko added. The launch of the information platform is planned before the end of this year.

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Automated system «Milky Way» will include 65 telescopes and a space segment, which will consist of specialized satellites for monitoring near-Earth space. The launch of the first of them is planned approximately for 2027. Completely expand the «Milky Way» system want by 2035.

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