The fuel pump failed. Honda recalls more than a million vehicles

by alex

For now, cars are being recalled only in Japan

Honda has announced a major recall campaign in its home market: it affects 1.138 million vehicles across 26 different models, including the popular Fit hatchback and Odyssey minivan.

Бензонасос подвёл. Honda отзывает более миллиона автомобилей

Reason – a defect in the low-pressure fuel pump (the one located in the tank): it may fail, causing the engine to stop working. In the worst case, this can happen while driving.

Бензонасос подвёл. Honda отзывает более миллиона автомобилей

According to Japanese media, the defective fuel pump was supplied to Honda by Denso. And this is the sixth Honda recall related to fuel pumps from the same manufacturer.

It is not yet clear whether the defective pumps were installed on cars for other markets. But they may well end up in Honda cars brought to Russia «parallel» by.

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