The Forgotten Kingdom expansion for Remnant 2 will be released in April

by alex

This is the second major expansion for the action RPG Remnant 2, which will add new bosses, weapons, classes and storyline to the game.

Studio Gunfire Games and publisher Arc Games announced that the release of The Forgotten Kingdom add-on for Remnant 2 will take place on April 23. It can be purchased separately for 575 rubles or as part of a compilation of add-ons for 1,440 rubles, which will also include The Awakened King.

The Forgotten Kingdom expansion for Remnant 2 will be released in April

“In the second expansion for REMNANT II, ​​you will piece together the history of the forgotten Yaesha tribe and try to calm the vengeful wrath of an ancient stone spirit named Laiduza. Follow the trail of torment, betrayal and death that haunt the once-proud ziggurats of this land, while the living stones of Laiduza wander the crumbling remains of an ancient civilization in search of fresh blood. Uncover all the secrets of a forgotten tribe as you explore a mysterious new area in the world of Yaesha. New dungeons, powerful equipment, a new sorcerer class, unexpected allies and new threats await you. Do everything possible to return at least some semblance of peace to the Forgotten Kingdom.”, says the official description of the project.

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(news cover source: Arc Games)

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