The engines of the latest Kia EV6 and Niro EV may fail

by alex

All due to improper hardening

Kia is recalling certain 2023 Kia EV6 and 2023-2024 Niro EVs.

In a letter to NHTSA, Kia said it is recalling the EV6 and Niro electric vehicles due to improper heat treatment of the drive shaft, which could lead to electric motor failure.

Kia dealers will replace faulty parts with new ones that have undergone proper heat treatment. Replacement will be free of charge. Kia became aware of the problem after Kia headquarters notified them of an incident in Turkey earlier this month.

After analysis showed that the Niro EV had no problems, Kia discovered that the EV6 had the same supplier for the problem part. Two potential EV6 incidents indicated that it may have been caused by improperly heat-treated parts.

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Even though there have been no accidents, Kia is recalling electric vehicles out of an abundance of caution. Notices to owners are expected to be mailed on March 9.

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