The developers of Troubles showed the gameplay and again disappointed. Lack of battles a month before release and low quality of execution

by alex

The creators of “The Troubles” threatened those who doubted the project with showing the gameplay, but so far the promotional games only confirm that the quality is not the highest

Recently, the authors of “The Troubles” again showed the gameplay. The main character went to Nizhny Novgorod, things haven’t come to a fight yet.

But in the comments in the community of the domestic action-RPG “Smuta” a heated discussion developed, since not everyone is satisfied such quality of work. For example, the swaying camera causes some dissatisfaction.

One of the discussion participants, waiting for the game, noted problematic points in the video, which lasted less than 2 minutes:

«1- in the very first frames there are 3 identical people. 2- something with a shadow on the cape. 3 – didn’t notice the conversational animations.”

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The release of “The Troubles” is currently scheduled for February 26, 2024, 30 days remain.

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