Former Russian factories of Hyundai and Nissan resumed production

by alex

We are currently establishing contacts with potential partners

Former Russian plants Hyundai and Nissan announced a restart, now they are called «AGR Automobile Plant» and «Avtozavod St. Petersburg» respectively.

According to information from Fontanka, the resumption of plant operations also contributes to the resumption of activities of Russian enterprises for the production of automotive components, which have been idle for two years due to lack of orders.

At the moment, plant management is actively establishing contacts with potential partners in order to ensure a high degree of localization in car production.

It is preliminary reported that before the beginning of summer, it is planned to produce up to 10 thousand cars at the AGR Automobile Plant, previously owned by Hyundai and specializing in the production of Hyundai and Kia models.

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The former Nissan plant in St. Petersburg returned to state ownership. At the end of January of this year «Avtozavod St. Petersburg» announced the launch of its own new car brand, Xcite, the first model of which will be a crossover, details of which will be revealed by the end of February.

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