The Czech Witcher is coming to Nintendo Switch. Kingdom Come Deliverance will be released on consoles early next year

by alex

The game is still quite demanding

Despite the fact that the time of the Nintendo Switch console is already running out, a large number of ports from PC or other consoles continue to be released for the console. Kingdom Come Deliverance will reportedly be available on Switch in early 2024. 

«Чешский Ведьмак» выходит на Nintendo Switch. Игру Kingdom Come Deliverance выпустят на консоли в начале следующего года

Czech studio Warhorse Studios announced the port several years ago, but now it is finally close to release.  

The adventures of Jindřich (in the English localization the main character was called Henry) in medieval Bohemia were at one time highly appreciated by both players and thematic publications, although initially the release was overshadowed by an abundance of bugs and problems.  

At the same time, the game, although not too demanding compared to modern projects, is still not easy on the GPU, so the Switch port will clearly be graphically much inferior to the original version. However, this applies to almost any modern big game for the Nintendo console. 

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It is worth noting that the game is being ported by the studio Saber Interactive, which previously ported the cult The Witcher 3 to Switch and did an excellent job. By the way,  Kingdom Come Deliverance has often been compared, among other things, to the adventures of Geralt. 

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