Technological breakthrough of AvtoVAZ: Lada Granta is 99% localized, and Lada Vesta is 95% Russian

by alex

Despite the fact that as of mid-2022, AvtoVAZ’s most Russian model, the Niva, was only 95% localized

AvtoVAZ President Maxima Sokolov spoke about the level of localization of Lada cars. And the new data can be impressive: it turns out that Lada Granta is 99% localized! The same applies to Niva Legend and Niva Travel in all trim levels.

How did AvtoVAZ manage to localize the same Granta – unclear. But here’s an example: by mid-2022, the Lada Niva Legend, which had been produced in the country (at that time) for 45 years, was 95% localized. Naturally, the degree of localization of Granta, as a newer model, was much less. But now, according to Maxim Sokolov, localization «is off the charts beyond 99%». Perhaps we are talking about the most simplified Lada Granta, in which basically only the steering wheel and pedals remain?

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Технологический прорыв АвтоВАЗа: Lada Granta локализована на 99%, а Lada Vesta – на 95% российская

But even more impressive is the degree of localization of the Lada Vesta – 95%! And this is a car for which a huge number of components were previously supplied from abroad. In general, AvtoVAZ made some very powerful technological breakthrough.

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