Serial production of repeaters for spacecraft has started in Russia

by alex

They will ensure the transmission of images, television and radio signals and other information between satellites and ground stations

Holding «Russian Space Systems» (including Roscosmos) launched into serial production the equipment of one of the most important onboard systems of spacecraft – relay complex. The company's own development will ensure the transmission of satellite images, television and radio signals, meteorological and navigation information between spacecraft and ground stations.

The repeater consists of unified ultra-high-frequency devices and is part of the on-board radio engineering complex. Receiving a signal from a ground station or from target equipment installed on a satellite, it converts it to the desired frequency, amplifies it and transmits it to receiving stations or consumer equipment in the coverage area.

The relay complex was developed on a domestic element base and has a modular design; its composition can vary depending on the needs of customers and the purpose of the spacecraft. The complex has already been tested and operates on the highly elliptical hydrometeorological space system Arktika-M, as well as on geostationary satellites of the Elektro-L series. Serial production started in 2024.

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