TSMC will produce chips for MediaTek using the 3 nm process technology, and Intel will produce chips using the 16 nm process technology

by alex

3nm should be Dimensity 9400

MediaTek has hinted that the Dimensity 9400 SoC will be produced at 3 nm. 

The company did not directly name its SoC, but stated that it is actively working with TSMC on its first 3-nanometer platform. According to all available data, this will be the Dimensity 9400. Moreover, if for Apple TSMC now produces chips using the N3B process technology, then for MediaTek it will be an already improved N3E.  

Interestingly, MediaTek is also collaborating with Intel, and the latter will also produce chips for the former. True, these are clearly not some modern SoCs for smartphones, since we are talking about a 16 nm process technology. 

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