Save the Kids or Get a New Stratagem: Helldivers 2 Fans Face a Tough Choice, and They're Trying to Do Everything at Once

by alex

The adventures of Helldivers 2 connoisseurs continue. The developers have thrown down another challenge, but with a small catch

Helldivers 2 fans have recently found themselves in a difficult position. The developers offered to choose between the new stratagem and the lives of the children.

The global order gives the right to choose: go to save “very sick children” who are trapped, or “give up” on them and go to clear another location – then they will offer a stratagem as a reward.

Fans of Helldivers 2 are not discouraged: they have come up with a strategy that, in theory, will allow you to “sit on two chairs.” It is assumed that with a successful combination of circumstances, it will be possible to collect both rewards (not all community members believe that such a plan can work, since it is believed that the reward will be counted for the planet that is liberated first).

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