Russia has created the Groza.04.K complex to combat FPV drones

by alex

He passed all checks

Rostec has developed and launched into mass production a complex for countering unmanned aerial vehicles, Groza.04.K, which is used to combat FPV (First Person View) drones.

The complex has already passed all the necessary checks and tests, during which it confirmed its technical characteristics and high efficiency.

«In August 2023, in front of the team of NPO «Kvant» The task was set to develop a means of countering drones of this type. Already in the fall, the first batch was delivered to the Russian Ministry of Defense. Everyone understood the priority of the task, and a young team of five developers took on its implementation – all talented, young and able to work for results. Unique design solutions and the speed of project implementation aroused real pride in the high professionalism of the company’s employees, – noted the General Director of NPO «Kvant» Andrey Kondrashov.

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Rostec said that modern FPV drones pose a great danger. They are used for electronic and optoelectronic reconnaissance, distracting radar and missile systems during an air attack, as well as for suspending ammunition.

Drones use secure communication channels and are resistant to electronic warfare.

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