Russia allocates more than 25 billion for the development of cybersecurity. Market participants consider investments to be overpriced and do not guarantee results

by alex

This amount will be allocated until 2030

The Ministry of Digital Development has planned the financing of state anti-hacking systems: the department plans to spend about 25.2 billion rubles on the development of cybersecurity in Russia until 2030, as reported by Kommersant, citing materials for the national project “Data Economy”.

The Ministry of Digital Development is confident that this will replace foreign solutions and increase the efficiency of existing systems. However, some market participants consider such investments to be overpriced. The Informzashita company believes that the amount seems too large even taking into account inflation. Commercial Director of Security Code Fedor Dbar added that financing does not guarantee results.

В России выделяют более 25 млрд на развитие кибербезопасности. Участники рынка считают вложения завышенными и не гарантирующими результат

7.1 billion rubles will be spent on the development of a new system for countering computer attacks, Multiscanner, based on GosSOPKA (the state system for detecting, preventing and eliminating the consequences of computer attacks, controlled by the FSB). 3.7 billion rubles will be spent on the development of the state systems “Antifrod” (countering fraudulent calls, Roskomnadzor) and “Anti-Phishing” (blocking fraudulent sites, Ministry of Digital Development).

US sanctions, of course, work, but Huawei copes. SMIC will begin producing 5nm platforms for it this year

Another 2.4 billion rubles will be spent on an external assessment of the security of key GIS (state information systems), and 12 billion rubles will be allocated for cybersecurity systems (cryptography, security measures).

By 2030, it is planned to replace all foreign means of protection with Russian analogues.

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