Replacement of Nokia, Ericsson and Huawei. Chinese BeijinTech base stations appeared in Russia

by alex

Negotiations with operators are underway

The Chinese company BeijinTech is entering the Russian market of cellular base station manufacturers, from which Nokia, Ericsson and Huawei have left, as reported by Izvestia. The company demonstrated its equipment at the forum «Digital Industry of Industrial Russia».

BeijinTech specializes in 5G and LTE FDD stations (fourth generation cellular communication technology, most common in the Russian Federation). BeijinTech confirmed that base stations are already available to Russian operators, negotiations with which are already underway. The Chinese organization claims support not only for 4G, but also for 5G, as well as fairly high throughput and power of radio transmitters.

In addition, from the materials of the State Commission on Radio Frequencies, it previously became known that MTS is testing base stations of the Baicells Technologies brand, with the help of which it is planned to provide telephone services to small settlements.

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Last year, Russian companies reported on the development of network equipment and its testing on networks, but there is no talk of mass implementation yet.

Recently, the first sample of a carrier-level mobile communications base station produced in Russia by the domestic telecom equipment manufacturer «Bulat» was presented.

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