Plan “B”: Aurus and FSUE NAMI prepared in advance for US sanctions

by alex

Previously, Vladimir Putin gave Kim Jong-un an Aurus car

The new sanctions did not come as a surprise to the Russian auto industry, as stated by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov.

Russian companies, including FSUE NAMI and LLC «Aurus», which were included in the SDN List last week by the US Treasury Department, were preparing for sanctions and have plans for further development taking into account the latest restrictions.

I cannot say that we did not expect sanctions or were not prepared for them. All companies that receive such “news” are naturally ready for it and always have a “plan B”.

Denis Manturov

Recall that on February 23, the US Ministry of Finance published an expanded sanctions list, which, among other companies, included OOO «Aurus» and FSUE NAMI.

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Now foreign partners will be forced to look for workarounds to work with Aurus, or will refuse to cooperate altogether in order not to fall under secondary sanctions.

Sanctions against Aurus were introduced after President Vladimir Putin gave Kim Jong-un a car of this brand.

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