Ookla: Vodafone supplanted Kyivstar and became the new leader in mobile Internet speed in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine

by alex

Vodafone Ukraine supplanted Kyivstar and became the leader in mobile Internet speed in Ukraine in the 3-4 quarters of 2023, according to the updated Speed ​​Score rating from Ookla (developer of Speedtest).

Who has the fastest mobile Internet – Kyivstar, Vodafone Ukraine or lifecell

The last time the rating was updated before the war in the 3rd-4th quarters of 2021 – then experts recognized Kyivstar as the best in terms of mobile Internet speed and coverage. In a new study, Ookla analyzed almost 800 thousand (765,993) individual tests performed by subscribers using Speedtest during the 3-4 quarters of 2023. It is worth noting that the largest share of measurements came from Kyivstar – 361.4 thousand versus 221.6 thousand from Vodafone, which could potentially affect the overall results. On the other hand, this is a very generalized rating, like all the others (let’s get your “bearded” jokes about the “average temperature in the ward” – we know you really want to).

Ookla: Vodafone потеснил Киевстар и стал новым лидером по скорости мобильного интернета в Киеве и всей Украине

As a result, the leader of the new Speed ​​Score rating was Vodafone with a rating of 33.33 and indicators of 29.32 Mbit/s for download (Download) and 11.87 Mbit/s for transmission (Upload). Kyivstar took second place, and lifecell finished third. It’s interesting that the top five smartphones in terms of the number of tests performed are represented by the iPhone, which completely coincides with our recent large analysis “What’s wrong with the smartphone market in Ukraine.”

Ookla: Vodafone потеснил Киевстар и стал новым лидером по скорости мобильного интернета в Киеве и всей Украине

If we directly compare the values ​​of the average speed (download/unload) and delay in signal transmission, we have the following:

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● Vodafone Ukraine: 29.32 Mbit/s (download), 11.87 Mbit/s (upload), 32 ms (latency);
● Kyivstar: 23.08 Mbit/s (download), 11.86 Mbit/s (upload), 31 ms (latency);
● lifecell: 22.94 Mbit/s (download), 7.98 Mbit/s (upload), 36 ms (latency);

The study also contains separate regional ratings for Kyiv and two regions – Lviv and Dnepropetrovsk regions. As you can see in the picture below, the leader in all three is also Vodafone.

Ookla: Vodafone потеснил Киевстар и стал новым лидером по скорости мобильного интернета в Киеве и всей Украине

Briefly about the method of measuring Speed ​​Score

Speed ​​Score – index of download speed (80% of the total score) and upload speed (20%) in the network of each provider. For analysis, Ookla specialists use the results of speed measurement tests in operator networks, specifically “modern devices” that support the latest technologies and are able to connect to the fastest networks (read: 4G). Ookla uses a special percentile scale, selecting speeds at the 10%, 50% (median) and 90% levels to evaluate the minimum, average and maximum speeds. Next, a weighted average is calculated using the formula 1:8:1, with the greatest weight given to the median, to reproduce the most typical experience of network subscribers. More details on the index methodology (for those interested) can be found on the Speedtest website.

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