Anime Fans Renew Popularity of Blu-ray and DVD Discs

by alex

Production studios still regularly release their latest, greatest movies and TV series on DVD and Blu-ray. But it's becoming increasingly clear that physical media is no longer as high a priority as it once was for major Hollywood players.

But there are still a handful of small anime companies that are working to give fans the quality physical releases they crave. And with the realization that audiences can't expect their favorite streaming movies to always be available, the work these small companies do to preserve their favorites and literally get them into people's hands is more important than ever, The Verge reports.

Brands like Funimation, Viz Media, and Discotek are usually associated with newly restored anime classics. And it's through partnerships with post-production companies like MediaOCD that they can bring such projects to market as physical discs. According to MediaOCD founder and CEO Justin Sevakis, many niche publishers have found success by playing to small, passionate communities of fans who want to own a piece of the media they love. While major studios typically won't consider physical releases for projects that aren't expected to sell more than 50,000 units, according to Sevakis, “a good niche hit on Blu-ray will sell for about 5,000.”

We're not talking about huge numbers. But that's 5,000 people who actually loved this anime or show or whatever. And since they are passionate about the idea of ​​physically owning such media, I believe that we – the people who produce these products – must do something special and definitive.

In 2023, the best-selling DVD in the United States, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, sold just over 300,000 units—far from the millions that the films were pushing up the charts just a decade ago.

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