Next-gen Xbox console may be delayed and may be based on an Intel chip

by alex

At least Microsoft has not yet signed a contract with AMD

The Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 game consoles entered the market almost simultaneously, but in the next generation everything may be different, and the Sony console will be alone on the market for some time. 

Консоль Xbox нового поколения может задержаться и, возможно, будет основана на чипе Intel

According to recent data, Microsoft has not yet signed a contract with AMD or anyone else for the development and supply of chips for the future game console. At the same time, Sony, apparently, has had such a contract for a long time. 

It is interesting that Intel, having learned that Microsoft did not have a contract, offered its services, and Microsoft also negotiated with Nvidia. At the same time, the contract, apparently, has not been signed, but against this background it is unclear whether Microsoft will again choose AMD as a developer and supplier of chips for the new console.  

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It is reported that in general Microsoft does this often in order to get better prices, but this time the company is allegedly taking longer than usual, and Intel was allegedly extremely serious. Let us remember that modern consoles are built on hybrid processors, and Intel, like AMD, can create a semi-custom solution with the parameters that Microsoft needs. True, the latest generations of Xbox and PlayStation consoles were based exclusively on AMD APUs, so it’s unclear what Intel’s chances are. 

In addition, given the situation, it turns out that the development of the new Xbox has not yet begun, while there are already many rumors and leaks about the PS6. That is, it is likely that the PlayStation 6 will be released significantly earlier than the new generation of Xbox.  

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