New “disease” of Lada Vesta NG: “wipers” live their own lives

by alex

They just work on their own – even when they are turned off, and even when the car is turned off

Owners of Lada Vesta NG began to complain about the new «feature» cars: it turns out that wipers live their own lives.

Новая «болезнь» Lada Vesta NG: «дворники» живут своей жизнью

Owners of Vesta NG have no problem turning on the windshield wiper blades, but there is a problem with turning them off: «wipers» can work independently with the car running while driving in dry weather, or they can work with the car turned off or even closed.

It’s not surprising that with such a «feature» Some owners advise removing the terminal from the battery at night or removing the battery itself: otherwise such a zealous fight for the cleanliness of the windshield may result in a completely discharged battery by the morning.

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Новая «болезнь» Lada Vesta NG: «дворники» живут своей жизнью

We have already talked about the fact that Vesta NG also has a problem with turn signals: they «freeze» (that is, they simply do not turn on) in the cold. And now more and more owners are faced with this problem. In some cases, the service changes the block of switches, but this does not help everyone. For example, one of the owners of Vesta NG, after replacing the block of steering column switches, instead of turn signals, the low beam began to turn on.

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