“Our task today is to disperse the cars before the holidays.” Dealers are offering Tank 500 at a huge discount, but it won't last long

by alex

After the New Year, Tank 500 will rise in price

Resource «Chinese cars» reports that dealers have begun to give big discounts on new Tank 500 SUVs. As the sales manager of one of the Moscow car dealerships admitted, «our current task – scatter cars before the holidays».

An example of an attraction of unheard-of generosity is demonstrated by the Nizhny Novgorod auto center of GC «Agat»: any buyer of a Tank 500 is promised a discount of 700 thousand rubles. Moreover, no one obliges you to take out a loan: 250 thousand rubles – direct discount, 450 thousand rubles – discount for trade-in. As a result, the price of the SUV drops to 5.6 million rubles.

But that’s not all: as a bonus you can get a set of winter tires or a metallic color (additional payment for it according to the price list – 60 thousand rubles, «free» color for Tank 500 – only white) . But these issues are already within the competence of the head of the auto center.

In order not to expose Chery: AvtoVAZ is no longer the owner of Avtozavod St. Petersburg, where the XCITE X-Cross 7 (Chery Tiggo 7 Pro) is assembled

«Наша сегодняшняя задача – раскидать автомобили до наступления праздников». Дилеры предлагают Tank 500 с огромной скидкой, но это ненадолго

The situation is approximately the same at the dealer «BorisHof»: if you arrange a trade-in and come with cash, you can get a discount of 600 thousand rubles. And if you conduct «negotiations» with the manual, then as a bonus you can get non-white color, mats, anti-corrosion treatment and other bonuses.

But all these super offers – only until the New Year. Several dealer centers immediately reported that after the holidays the Tank 500 will rise in price.

Meanwhile, the Tank 300 and Tank 500 SUVs in Russia have already become more popular than Toyota SUVs.

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