Moskvich is safe: now the plant does not owe anything to anyone and cannot be declared bankrupt

by alex

The court suspended the execution of the debt collection case

The Court of Cassation suspended the execution of the case to collect debt from the Moskvich automobile plant. The details were published by the editor-in-chief of «Behind the wheel» Maxim Kadakov.

I recently told you that the Silver Basics (HK) company from Hong Kong demanded that the Moskvich plant be declared bankrupt – due to debt that has accumulated since the days of Renault Russia. In November 2023, the Moscow Arbitration Court ordered the collection from Moskvich in favor of Silver Basis of the debt incurred back in 2020, when the plant (then not Moskvich) belonged to the Renault auto concern. Last week, Moskvich filed a cassation appeal, the court suspended the execution of the debt collection case.

Today, Silver Basis has no grounds to apply to the court for recognition of JSC MAZ «Moskvich» bankrupt. The corresponding statement from the plant was published on the Federal Resources website.

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In mid-April, the Moskvich automobile plant I have already made a similar official statement.

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