Millions of short videos have been added: VK Video users have access to VK Clips

by alex

Coverage to expand soon

Team «VKontakte» announced the launch of a major update for the  platform «VK Video». As stated in the press service, millions of short videos created by users of «VK Clips» have become available in the «VK Video» application. on Android. 

The authors got the opportunity to use a short clip format to attract new audiences, users  — the ability to watch clips within the service. Short vertical videos will soon appear on other platforms.

Director of VK video services Fedor Ezhov said: 

VK Clips — This is a great format for consuming content when you only have a few minutes to learn something new and interesting. However, some clips, such as show and movie trailers, will give you the option to click through to the full video. We hope that users will enjoy these innovations and help them enjoy an even greater variety of content.   Short videos will be included in recommendations created by artificial intelligence based on the preferences of each user. A block with clips will appear in the video feed and in the search, and when clicked it will immediately launch.

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