Media: Gearbox will separate from Embracer

by alex

Embracer Group is gradually divesting itself of various assets. Looks like Gearbox will soon change its status

Recently, Embracer Group has been actively getting rid of various assets. Judging by the sources of Kotaku journalists, changes will soon overtake the well-known Gearbox.

Allegedly, at the end of February 2024, Randy Pitchford, the head of Gearbox, held a meeting with employees, where they reported that , that a decision had been made about the future of the studio, with more information to be provided next month (March).

For months, Randy Pitchford had been telling employees that Gearbox had three ways: you can remain part of Embracer, sell the company or buy it out and become independent.

Judging by Kotaku, we are talking about a sale and the deal is supposedly in the final stages of registration.

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