Explosive growth in iPhone sales comes after Apple's largest price cut in China

by alex

The strategy paid off

iPhone sales in China soared 52% after Apple sharply slashed prices on smartphones and other products.

China is considered one of the most important markets for Apple, but due to weakening demand, the company had to introduce discounts of up to $320 on iPhone 15 series smartphones.

A new study has revealed that Apple has once again become the preferred smartphone brand for Chinese users. Many are willing to spend over $800 on their next smartphone, yet only 33% of users today own a high-end smartphone.

The new iPhone 16 line is expected to be released in September, but Apple will face stiff competition from Huawei, which is preparing to release the Mate 70 line. Also, don't forget other Chinese manufacturers.

Google wants to work with Apple as if they were one company, and Apple agrees that the partnership needs to be deepened

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