Lada Largus 2024 is assembled by robots. Video from the assembly line published

by alex

Automation is increasing

Bodies for the new Lada Largus station wagons are already being welded by robots, as the public writes about at the Izhevsk plant. on the social network «VKontakte».

At the Lada Izhevsk welding production, in preparation for the production of cars of the Lada Largus family, the installation and debugging of new equipment continues: 3 robots were installed on the automatic welding line in the body welding shop.

«At the Izhevsk plant»

Two robots are installed at the post where the body base is welded. Another robot is working at another post, welding the opening of the wind window.

Today there are already 13 robots in production; two more will be installed during the corporate holiday.

AvtoVAZ announced that from May 15 in Izhevsk serial production of Lada Largus station wagons with gasoline engines will be resumed.

The first Xiaomi car goes on sale in China. A special metal powder is added to the paint to make the body more shiny.

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