It looks like the Silent Hill 2 remake is almost ready. The studio received a grant from the Polish government for a new project

by alex

In anticipation of the remake of Silent Hill 2, some fans decided to see how the studio was doing. Noticed some signals

Sony recently showed a remake of Silent Hill 2 in an advertisement for 2024 releases. Also, some signals are in favor of the release version this year.

Insider Dusk Golem has stated that development on the Silent Hill 2 remake may be close to completion. Most of the Bloober Team employees have allegedly been transferred to the Skybound project (code name), and the “backbone” of the team is busy polishing SH2.

He concludes that the release depends on Konami, and not Bloober Team itself, if it wants, it will be in 2024.

Also noteworthy is the fact that Bloober Team received a grant from the Polish government. They allocated 26,881,018 Polish zlotys (~$6.8 million), with a total project cost of 58.5 million zlotys, for the development of tools that will allow the creation of “open cities”. The description mentions the modern Unreal Engine 5 and Houdini.

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