Intel did well, but AMD is still much better. MSI Claw console based on Core 7 Ultra 155H compared with Asus ROG Ally

by alex

Ryzen is always faster

The MSI Claw portable game console, which was the first in this market to receive an Intel Meteor Lake processor, was compared with the Asus ROG Ally based on the Ryzen Z1 Extreme APU, which is technically a copy of the Ryzen 7 7840U.  

The comparison becomes even more interesting if you know that the consoles have the same amount of RAM and the same screen resolution. By the way, MSI Claw is presented here in an older version with a CPU Core 7 Ultra 155H. 

So, at least for now, AMD processors remain the best option for such devices. Despite the fact that in laptops the iGPU in Meteor Lake is quite competitive compared to the Radeon 780M, and on average even a little faster, when TDP is limited, AMD's brainchild pulls ahead, and sometimes very strongly. 

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As you can see, ROG Ally is faster in all games included in this test.

У Intel получилось хорошо, но AMD всё равно намного лучше. Приставку MSI Claw на основе Core 7 Ultra 155H сравнили с Asus ROG Ally

The difference ranges from 8% to more than 100%, but on average it is quite large. Moreover, the maximum TDP for the MSI console is 40 W versus 30 W for Asus, which means that the first console is also less energy efficient.  

It’s also worth saying that the MSI Claw has not yet officially launched for sale, so perhaps by the time sales start, the Core Ultra’s performance in games will improve thanks to software updates.  

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