In Russia they make a cheap flying wing drone: up to 100 km, 6 hours and 4 kg of cargo

by alex

It can also be used in the civil industry

Russia is developing a new unmanned aerial vehicle of the “flying wing” type for reconnaissance, artillery fire adjustment and communications relay.

“We are developing a “flying wing” type device with a wingspan of about 3 m. Testing is planned to begin before the end of February 2024. The drone will be intended for reconnaissance and communications relay, including for the new Scalpel strike platform. In addition, it will be used for objective control – whether the target was hit [or] not hit – as well as for adjusting artillery fire,” the Vostok design bureau said.

The drone will be able to fly a distance of up to 100 km, stay in the air for up to 6 hours and carry a load of up to 4 kg.

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В России делают дешёвый дрон типа «летающее крыло»: до 100 км, 6 часов и 4 кг груза

“In addition to the needs of the Northern Military District, the development can also be used for the oil and gas industry of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Wherever long-term surveillance, patrolling, video recording, and so on are required. The range of applications of the device is very wide,” the design bureau added.

The developers promise that the drone will be low in cost compared to existing analogues: “The main mission of our design bureau is to make aircraft-type devices affordable.”

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