In 2024, Huawei will “rewrite industry history.” The company will release “advanced, innovative and revolutionary products”

by alex

This is what the CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group promises

For almost five years, Huawei has been under strict American sanctions, and all this time the company has worked tirelessly. Now it may be time for a major push. At least the words of Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei's consumer business group, indicate exactly that.

At Huawei's annual reporting conference, Yu Chengdong promised to rewrite the history of the industry and announced completely new revolutionary devices. The top manager said the following verbatim: «When the time comes, you will see how we can rewrite the history of this industry. I hope to continue to exceed everyone's expectations and do what others can't even think of, or what they can't do, or even what they don't dare to do». And we were not talking about some distant future, but about 2024.

“It is impossible for Huawei to catch up with our technology,” TSMC does not consider Huawei as a competitor

No specifics yet. But one of the breakthroughs may be the release of our own single-chip systems supporting 5G – very well-established insiders are talking about this. Moreover, SMIC is rumored to be preparing to produce 5nm SoCs for Huawei. If this really happens, it can be called a breakthrough for the entire period of Huawei’s existence under sanctions. And next year, new, and far from trivial, cars are expected to be released on Huawei platforms and with the proprietary HarmonyOS operating system.

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