In Russia, the indestructible Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs have fallen in price. All versions of the Land Cruiser 70 have fallen in price – both petrol and diesel

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Minimum cost decreased by 350 thousand rubles

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 SUVs have become more affordable in Russia: as Auto News of the Day reports, the minimum cost of a car has decreased from 6.5 million rubles in February to 6.15 million rubles at the beginning of March .

For this amount in Samara, a Land Cruiser 70 with a 4-liter gasoline engine producing 228 hp is offered. and «automatic» with a modest package — air conditioning, two electric windows, electric side mirrors. A similar car in Novosibirsk is a little more expensive — 6.2 million rubles. And the most affordable Land Cruiser 70 with a diesel engine (a 4.5-liter V8) costs 6.39 million rubles — such a car is offered by a seller from St. Petersburg.

В России подешевели неубиваемые внедорожники Toyota Land Cruiser. Подешевели все версии Land Cruiser 70 — и бензиновая, и дизельная

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 — This is the Japanese analogue of the Russian Niva: archaic and devoid of many comfort options, but a simple and reliable SUV. However, last year Toyota noticeably improved the “seventy”: a new turbodiesel, “automatic” appeared. and a number of new comfort options.

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