Huawei wants to make satellite communications in smartphones more accessible and widespread. It will be supported by all models of the P70 line

by alex

The new products will also receive 1.5K screens

Huawei smartphones of the P70 line will boast satellite communications and an overclocked platform. 

According to insider Smart Pikachu, the basic version of Huawei P70 will receive some kind of SoC in the usual version, and older models, which are expected to be called P70 Pro and P70 Art, will receive the same platform, but with higher frequencies. Thus, more expensive smartphones will be slightly more productive, although the difference is unlikely to be significant. 

Also, new Huawei products will receive 1.5K curved screens, but the most important thing is that supposedly all models in the line will have support for satellite communications! That is, Huawei wants to make this technology more widespread and accessible. For example, in the Mate 60 line, only the older Pro and Pro+ versions have support for satellite communications. 

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