Huawei and SMIC can release chips using the 5 nm process technology, but it will be very expensive

by alex

5 nm will be the maximum for SMIC lithographs

Huawei and SMIC have already surprised everyone with their 7nm Kirin 9000s SoC, but as already mentioned, they may go further and release a platform using the 5nm process technology. However, according to recent data, it will be very expensive.

Huawei и SMIC могут выпустить чипы по техпроцессу 5 нм, но это будет очень дорого

The DigiTimes resource, citing the opinion of Lin Burn-jeng, a former head of TSMC and IBM, says that using the DUV lithographs available to SMIC without access to EUV lithographs could allow the company to move to the 5 nm process technology. but it will be too expensive.

How expensive is unclear. It is quite possible that Huawei may well “pay the banquet”, since the company simply has no other options if it really wants to abandon the platforms of Qualcomm and other companies.

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