Gosstat as an IT company: the public beta version of the new statistics website, developed jointly with EPAM, has launched

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The launch of the public beta of the new version of the State Statistics Service website stat.gov.ua marks the completion of the first stage of the transformation of the main executive body in the field of statistics into an IT company. The IT company EPAM, which acts as a key partner and is responsible for the development of the site, shared details of the project.

Transformation of the State Statistics Service into an IT company

Mikhail Fedorov’s Ministry of Digital Development team is now simultaneously working on the reform of several key sectors, including statistics (and also education along with others). In fact, the reform (read: digitalization) of the State Statistics Service, which generates the lion’s share of data on the Ukrainian economy, started back in 2021 with an audit, when the head of the Ministry of Digital Development, Mikhail Fedorov, became the development coordinator of the State Statistics Service. But the project entered the active phase already during a full-scale war. Work is being carried out in three key areas: reorganizing the administrative management structure, creating an IT system for collecting and processing information in real time, and transferring archival data for more than 30 years of independence. The total cost of the project is about 55 million UAH. The initiative is part of the EGAP program implemented by the Eastern Europe Foundation and funded by the Swiss government.

“Our task is to transform the State Statistics Service into a modern organization similar to an IT company. Create an information system that collects information in real time, processes data and allows for rapid dissemination. So that the data can be used by journalists, businesses or anyone else,”

Mikhail Fedorov on the transformation of Gosstat into a modern IT company

New website of the State Statistics Service

The most noticeable part of the project for Ukrainians is the new State Statistics Service portal, which is planned to be launched by the end of 2023. It is being developed by the EPAM team – four years ago, the company’s volunteers developed the first version of the “Action” mobile application for the Ministry of Digital Development, which already has about 20 million users.

Since July, the site has been undergoing internal testing, and has now entered the open beta testing stage. Important: the site is currently operating in test mode, and all the information on it is not official statistics.

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Госстат как IT-компания: заработала публичная бета-версия нового сайта статистики, разработанного совместно с ЕРАМ

Interface and menu of the main page of the new State Statistics Service website

The project is based on Quanthub, EPAM’s own cloud platform for managing the data life cycle (from collection, cleaning, transformation, data analysis to distribution). The platform is maximally adapted to the requirements of the State Statistics Service: translated into Ukrainian and supplemented with additional features in accordance with the needs of the institution. The updated system was named “Sigma” – according to the letter of the Greek alphabet and the mathematical sign.

The site is available in Ukrainian and English. All information on it will be stored in a single system instead of separate files, which makes finding the necessary information as easy as possible.


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Госстат как IT-компания: заработала публичная бета-версия нового сайта статистики, разработанного совместно с ЕРАМ

Separately, we can highlight the “Data Bank” – a special tool with an eloquent name that allows you to work with various information in the form of graphs and tables. At the same time, key statistical indicators are presented on interactive dashboards. If necessary, certain open data can be exported in a convenient format (SDMX-CSV) for further analysis and distribution.

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Part of the new statistics portal will be a calendar for the release of statistical information and a reporting schedule. So statistics users can monitor future releases in advance, and respondents can schedule reports.

The State Statistics Service is actively recruiting specialists who will help turn the State Statistics Service into the main dashboard of the country. Not long ago, the Ministry of Digital Development posted new vacancies – the team needs a Data Analyst, MS Azure DevOps and Data Quality Engineer.

The State Statistics Service has a key role in the upcoming population census, which was originally planned to be carried out in 2023 in cooperation with Apple – in early October, Mikhail Fedorov said that the Ministry of Digital Development is technically ready to conduct a census using modern digital means of verification and register creation. But already at the end of October, the Cabinet of Ministers canceled the population census because of the war – now they expect to conduct it after the victory.

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