A nuclear power plant will help Russia and China begin their expansion to the Moon

by alex

It is planned to be launched after 2036

The head of Roscosmos, Yuri Borisov, said that after 2036, according to the plan, a nuclear power plant will be sent to the Moon, intended for a joint lunar station with China.

«Let us first develop it and test it on Earth. <…> I will say this: according to plan, the expansion of the Moon — this is somewhere after 2036», — said Yuri Borisov when asked by journalists.

A week earlier, he announced the start of development of a nuclear power plant for a joint research station with China, but at that time it was reported that Russia was going to send it to the Moon in 2033-2035.

This nuclear power plant will be needed to ensure the operation of a future station on the Earth’s natural satellite, where the day lasts for 27 Earth days, while there is no sunlight for about two weeks (Earth time). Because of this, conventional solar panels cannot be used.

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