Google will finally allow Android users to remotely remove apps from their devices via Google Play

by alex

Using one smartphone you can remove software from another smartphone

Google is preparing to launch a very useful update for the Google Play online application store. We are talking about the possibility of remotely deleting applications. The innovation has already been noticed in the November Google Play Store update number 38.3, but it does not yet work in real life. 

When you install an application through Google Play Store on Android, you are prompted to install the same application on other devices. Now users will be able to delete applications remotely from their other devices. 

Google наконец-то разрешит пользователям Android дистанционно удалять приложения с устройств через Google Play

In fact, the next Google Play Store update will turn your smartphone into a full-fledged application manager that allows you to remotely remove software on all devices connected to the same account. It is expected that the innovation will be fully operational in the near future. 

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