In the end, we will no longer receive such Intel processors. The company experimented with five-chip Meteor Lake CPUs

by alex

Instead of the current ones, with four chiplets

Intel Meteor Lake processors are already out. They have up to six large cores and eight small ones, not counting the separate two cores in the SoC chiplet. It turns out that Intel was experimenting with Meteor Lake variants with a different chiplet configuration and possibly more cores.

Таких процессоров Intel мы в итоге уже не получим. Компания экспериментировала с пятичиплетными CPU Meteor Lake

In the photo above you can see a serial Meteor Lake crystal with four chiplets, of which only one — processor. But the photo below shows a prototype with five chiplets, of which there are already two processor ones. However, if you look closely, you can see that the two processor chiplets are not identical: one is slightly larger than the other. Perhaps one contained small nuclei, and the second only large ones, but there are no details.  

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Different tiles, among other things, allow the use of different technical processes and the creation of a different core configuration, which, in theory, could allow a total of more cores to be placed than Meteor Lake currently offers.  

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