Gamers are unhappy with the statement of the Starfield developer, who called them out of touch with reality

by alex

Starfield design director Emil Pagliarulo previously said that people should respect the work of developers

Starfield design director Emil Pagliarulo recently called critics of the games' quality out of touch with reality. According to Pagliarulo, many people are completely unaware of the hardships of game development, but take every opportunity to lash out at poor developers for the work they've done.

Many people did not appreciate Pagliarulo's stance and his attempts – albeit indirect – to defend Starfield.

“LOL, man, no one cares how it has been done and what is needed for it. I pay $70 expecting a finished, high quality game in return. Are you saying that if you bought a box of Twinkies and only got half the brownies, you'd be happy? Especially if that half was crawling with worms?.”

“Nobody cares. You have AAA price tags, and then the modders provide the quality.”

“Listen, buddy, whoever neither wrote the story for Starfield, he did a truly disgusting job.”

“I read this thread of messages, while sitting on the toilet, and when he finished, he named a bunch of Starfield.” to realize that the game was not very good. If anyone is out of touch with reality, it’s you.”.

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