Final Fantasy composer thinks game music is getting boring

by alex

Japanese composer Nobuo Uematsu, who has impressed millions of players with his scores for the Final Fantasy series, believes that video game music could become “boring” if it continues to copy Hollywood. He also pointed out the dangers of using artificial intelligence.

In an interview with Japanese publication NewsPicks, Uematsu called 8-bit era music “the oxygen of video games” because it helped bring characters and stories to life. Over the years, advancements in technology have improved the quality of sounds and music written for interactive entertainment environments.

Uematsu says it wasn't until the PS1 that there were fewer memory limitations, but composers still were forced to use compression for audio, constantly balancing quality with available memory so as not to overload the audio.

It wasn't until the PS2 era that Uematsu felt he could do it all with ease conveying different genres of music in soundtracks.

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Final Fantasy composer thinks game music is getting boring

After decades of progress, Uematsu feels that music has become less interesting lately , since “cinema” music appears in products. The composer believes that if the authors continue to imitate Hollywood in their soundtracks, they will not be able to achieve new successes.

Uematsu believes that composers should look for their own sound, their own individuality in order to create something unique because personal talent makes a huge contribution to art. This is why he believes that artificial intelligence should not be used in compositions. A composer must listen to his inner voice to find something unique.

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