Emirates doubles investment in Airbus A380 fleet

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Emirates currently operates 90 A380 aircraft for flights.

Emirates is doubling investment in its fleet of double-decker aircraft over the next ten years. The company's press service reported this.

Emirates удваивает инвестиции в авиапарк Airbus A380

The airline signed maintenance and repair agreements totaling over $1.5 billion during the Dubai Airshow with a large number of suppliers and partners to provide high-quality aircraft maintenance and repair services.

The move is aimed at maintaining and improving operational efficiency, as well as enhancing the performance and reliability of Emirates' flagship airliners.

Emirates partners will provide a range of maintenance and repair services, spare parts supply, parts repairs, and technical support. The press service said:

Emirates plans to leverage the expertise and capabilities of partners such as Honeywell, Collins Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney, Safran, Lufthansa Technik, OEM Services, Gameco, Haeco and others to optimize the service life of A380 airliners and increase operational efficiency while maintaining the highest airline standards.

Emirates currently operates 90 A380 aircraft, with more expected in the coming months. Last year, the airline launched a modernization program that will see premium economy class cabins installed and upgraded on board 67 A380 aircraft. To date, Emirates has converted 16 aircraft that are already operating flights.

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