Elon Musk presented the Grok AI chatbot from his own company xAI – after beta testing it will be available in X Premium+

by alex

Elon Musk's company xAI introduced the Grok AI chatbot, available to a limited audience. The owner of xAI showed several screenshots of what the new bot is capable of. Once out of early beta, Grok will be available to all subscribers of X Premium+, X's most expensive plan.

Elon Musk shared two screenshots of the chatbot in action and provided some information about it. First, Grok is connected to the X platform, which gives it access to real-time information, giving the bot a “great advantage over other models.” Secondly, the bot will be more light-hearted than other similar ones – it will use a bit of sarcasm and humor.

The humor is an interesting aspect because when a user asks a dangerous request, such as asking for instructions on how to make drugs, the bot will respond, but with fake and sarcastic instructions, before explaining that it is just a joke and it will not encourage drug making.

One of the biggest problems with artificial intelligence is how seriously everyone takes it. Some say that the use of AI will lead to fewer jobs, others hate its artistic ability and claim that it is not real art, and others complain that schoolchildren should not use AI to complete assignments. The playful behavior of xAI's Grok bot can make it more personal, leading to better attitudes.

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In terms of access to Platform X, it will be very interesting to see what happens. X Twitter is often much faster than traditional news outlets in reporting events, but the information is not very carefully verified. It would be interesting to see how Grok can distinguish fact from fiction – perhaps community comments will be used for this, but Musk did not explain this. But it’s unlikely that a bot will do this better than Elon Musk himself, who demonstrated a not too discriminating approach to general information. The word Grok is used to show that you understand something well.

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