“Diversity is always good,” AvtoVAZ announced an expansion of the color palette for Lada Vesta, Granta and Niva Legend

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The information was confirmed by the head of the plant Maxim Sokolov

AvtoVAZ has officially confirmed the expansion of the color palette: the plant has resumed production of Lada Vesta cars in silver “platinum” color, as well as Granta and Niva Legend models in dark gray “Borneo” color.

“We are consistently restoring the color palette. And just recently, just last week, we restored the “platinum” color for Vesta, and we restored the “borneo” color for Granta and Niva Legend. And I’m sure that these colors will also find their buyers, variety is always good,” said Maxim Sokolov in a conversation with journalists on the sidelines of the “Russia” exhibition at VDNKh.

«Разнообразие — это всегда хорошо», — АвтоВАЗ анонсировал расширение палитры цветов для Lada Vesta, Granta и Niva Legend

He added that it is incorrect to talk about a shortage of paints at AvtoVAZ production. At the moment, we are only talking about the limited choice of suppliers, which is why the color palette of Lada cars was also limited for some time.

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For all Lada models, two “common” body colors are available: white “glacial” and “black” panther. Cars of the Granta family are also painted in “platinum”, and the Niva Travel and Niva Legend SUVs are painted in dark green.

Maxim Sokolov also confirmed that “the most affordable Russian passenger car on a high-tech platform” Lada Iskra is already delayed.

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