Dealers now have rare Lada Vesta Enjoy configurations. What is their peculiarity?

by alex

Vehicles with maximum equipment, with one exception

The insider public Avtograd news reported that dealers had an unusual Lada Vesta – transitional: it is fully equipped (as far as is now generally available for Vesta), but does not have airbags. What's «exclusive»? The fact is that such a car was produced for only one week.

«Dealers now have some sort of exclusive Vesta cars for sale with the Enjoy configuration. They do not have airbags, but are already equipped with the necessary options (heated seats and windshield, multimedia system, center armrest, more elegant plastic). Such cars were produced for only a few days, from February 1 to 7 of this year, then all cars began to be equipped 100% with airbags», – wrote insiders.

Yesterday Avtograd News explained why the Lada Vesta with airbags has not yet left the territory of AvtoVAZ and has not been shipped to dealers.

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