Blizzard talked about the third season of Diablo 4

by alex

Blizzard presented details of the gameplay of the third season of Diablo 4, and also published footage of the confrontation between demons in Season of Constructs.

Today there will be a Blizzard event where the developers will answer questions from fans and prepare them for the Season of Constructs. Diablo 4 will receive new content, and the developers have previously published a preview with new features. quests, previously unavailable legendary items, mechanics and challenges.

The developers have prepared a “vast network of underground treasuries” with many dangers and various rewards. The last frames showed Loom, a mysterious machine created by magicians – a technology designed to shape the elements and help people create new tools.

In the third season of Diablo 4, constructs, or monsters, enhanced by the power of the elements will appear. One of the vehicles will become a companion and will help in battle. The character can be customized using his strengths.

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Blizzard talked about the third season of Diablo 4

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